The Finest Materials & Trades

To ensure boldness in appearance and durability in construction.


The Fernbrook Décor Center

Our professionals select only the highest-quality finishes.

The key to providing top notch quality to homeowners is using the finest materials and trades—something Fernbrook is known for. With great care, experienced professionals combine brick, stone, stucco, and wood for each new home community and condominium, to ensure boldness in appearance and durability in construction.

Interior materials are chosen with the same conscientious principles, and these expert professionals keep abreast of the most advanced building materials and techniques to ensure that the homes are as durable and value-packed as they are exquisite. Fernbrook also offers thousands of design choices and upgrades showcased in the company’s Décor Centre.

Visit our Décor Centre to choose from a variety of luxurious upgrades.

The Fernbrook decor center houses thousands of decor options and upgrades, everything from flooring and paint colours to fireplaces and light fixtures. We go to great lengths to offer the latest and best decorating options suitable for a range of budgets.

After you have purchased your home, you will receive a call from the Fernbrook Decor Consultants. The time of this call will be based on the closing date of your home. During your appointment, your Decor Consultant will acquaint you with all of the limitless and exciting possibilities Fernbrook has to offer, ensuring that you receive professional and personalized assistance in choosing the colours and finishes for your new home.

Contact our Décor Centre: Call 905-761-2829, Fax 905-761-8628, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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